Teaching resources

In these strange times we all might experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Rather than trying to ignore them and keeping it all ‘together’, all the time, perhaps it can help to sit down with children and give them some tools to express and manage these emotions. These wonderful resources that are developed by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education give a lot of different suggestions that you can also easily use at home. I hope they will be helpful.

And my personal tip, for when you are have my book ‘When Sadness Comes to Call’ in your home: it can also be read replacing the word sadness with another emotions, like anger or fear.

When Sadness Comes to Call CLPE resource

Where Happiness Begins CLPE resource

Notes from CLPE: “These notes have been written by the teachers at the CLPE to provide schools with ideas to develop comprehension and cross-curricular activities around this text. They build on our work supporting teachers to use picture books to enhance critical thinking and develop creative approaches in art and writing. They encourage a deep reading of and reflection on the text, which may happen over a series of reading sessions, rather than in just one sitting.”

You can also find the resources on the website of Andersen Press, with many other free resources from other books.

If you like to share any of your drawings or creative responses, you can tag me and use the tags #WhenSadnessComestoCall or #WhereHappinessBegins on social media. I’d be very happy to share them so others can be inspired and know they are not alone.

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Much love to you all.