Sad books

‘Michael Rosen’s Sad Book’, illustrated by Quentin Blake, is probably one of the most well know children’s books about sadness. I remember when I came across it the first time – and read this first page, it felt like it pierced straight through my heart. I can’t remember reading any book that had this kind of impact on me on page one already. ⠀
When you struggle with feelings like sadness and don’t really know how to talk about it with others and start feeling isolated as a result, I think it can be such a powerful thing to see some part of you reflected in a book or other art form. Do you remember reading or looking at another art form and being moved in an unexpected way? Or a book that shifted your perspective on something important to you? ⠀

‘Michael Rosen’s Sad Book’, illustrated by Quentin Blake, published by Walker Books @bigpicturebooks

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