Gebrauchsanweisung gegen Traurigkeit

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It’s about time I start sharing some of the co-editions here on my feed as well – and as tomorrow is the day that the German translation ‘Gebrauchsanweisung gegen Traurigkeit’ will be released with @hanser.hey, I thought I’d start with this photo they sent me, with a cacao sachet that customers will get in the bookshops.
I really love how this edition is printed smaller, to make it look even more like a user manual, which used to be the title I thought of first for this book. It’s so cute!

What are you doing this beautiful sunny Sunday? I’m going to move soon so I’m using it as an excuse to declutter style and am trying to focus on what sparks joy in my life. Consider it an early spring cleaning – so I can make more space for things that matter and creativity. If I had more pages in the book it could’ve easily be one of the things to do with Sadness (though children might not relate to that so much 🤔).

For those that only just started following me, this is a translation of ‘When Sadness Comes to Call’, my debut picture book, published with @andersenpress.