Story Builder

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Maybe I gave a few too many options?

The children from the Children’s Forum at @discover_story were so immersed in their stories and were so enthusiastic that most of them forgot most things we discussed before about story structure. Not very different from how my creative process starts actually… They developed their own characters and interviewed each other’s to get to know them better. After which their characters had to meet in a story. They could use the images from the Story Builder to generate ideas and create compositions.
Afterwards a few got to tell their stories and together we tried to bring them back to more cohesive stories, with a beginning, middle and an end – repeating some of the suggestions we had discussed before.
I actually already have different images in my head for this game, including more backgrounds and colour for example and bringing it visually closer to more current work from myself (a little less gloomy and dark for example), but I’ll have to let this project go for a bit. It would make more sense to develop it when I have the time to either self-publish it or find a publisher, so I know within which parameters I have to work.
But at least I have a proof of concept and a better idea of what it can become. And I still feel very passionate about it as I love to facilitate creativity and storytelling, both wonderful, empowering skills to have in this day and age I think.