When Sadness Comes to Call

‘When Sadness Comes to Call’ is my debut picturebook, published with Andersen Press January 2019.

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A selection of reviews:

“Both gentle and profound, Eland’s assured debut takes a poignant look at a difficult emotion.”  THE BOOKSELLER

“…[a] contemplative, soft-textured story” THE GUARDIAN

“…this powerful picture book inspires empathy and action” KIRKUS, starred review

“This poignant picture book helps children to recognise and understand difficult emotions… A contemplative and ultimately uplifting tale, which will be a welcome addition to any home or school bookshelf.” BOOKTRUST

“There is so much to the pictures, which are simple but full of meaning at the same time, and the tenderness of both illustration and text is remarkable” BOOKS FOR KEEPS

“Helping children understand their own and other people’s feelings is a vital building block for building a more empathetic society. This lovely book sensitively explores the emotion of sadness, and the importance of accepting it. For anyone living or working with children, It’s a great springboard for sharing how to handle feelings.”  EMPATHYLAB

“Sadness, Eland expresses, need not always feel like an intrusive guest—rather, it’s one whose arrival warrants attention, reflection, and care.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“An important book that should be shared with children and adults of all ages. Reminding us to be mindful of our feelings, When Sadness Is at Your Door helps children understand the place that sadness has in our lives. The illustrations are beautiful and fit the story perfectly, and they don’t make sadness seem scary or like something bad that needs to be driven away. I can see myself sharing this book with adult friends and family members going through difficult times as well.” * American Booksellers Association * AMERICAN BOOKSELLERS ASSOCATION

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